Fully recyclable* paperboard containers from the industry leader


As the industry leader in frozen dessert packaging, we have long offered innovative solutions in a variety of shapes and sizes to our customers. Now, we can offer a container made from fully recyclable paperboard.


The most trusted paperboard containers in the industry are now available with a “polyfree” coating designed to make the entire package (cup and lid) fully recyclable. We proudly introduce our new PF line of fully recyclable all paper cups and covers.


Recycling ice cream containers

Previously, recycling paperboard ice cream containers was not possible due to the polyethylene coating used on the paperboard.  PF is “polyfree,” eliminating this technical hurdle when it comes to recycling. Now your customers could recycle a container where previously they could not.* PF is available in all the sizes and shapes you’ve grown accustomed to using for decades.


For more detailed information on this new product, call our PF Hotline at  913.583.8800 or email us at packaging@us.huhtamaki.com with a subject line of PF cup.


Download an informational brochure.


*Where collection systems to recycle paper products with food residue are available.  Currently this product is recyclable only in the communities that have appropriate recycling programs.